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Programme and information to join us!

The 5th Edition of the UNIMED WEEK IN BRUSSELS is Online!


The UNIMED WEEK IN BRUSSELS is a forum for discussion and networking, an occasion for our associates to meet European and international institutions and learn more about their current and future programs.

This year the UNIMED WEEK is a Two Weeks event and in the online format, due to the extraordinary conditions related to COVID-19.

The meetings foreseen during these two weeks will be the occasion for our members to discuss with the European Commission about the evolution for the upcoming period 2021-2027 and the policies aiming to foster the cooperation and improve the integration at all levels in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Working sessions will be organized with representatives of the European Commission’s DGs as well as with relevant international actors.

The UNIMED activities and projects are increasingly recognized by the European Commission as well as by other international institutions. This initiative will therefore be an opportunity to look at the past, to go on through the course and to further strengthen our network. Over the years, a number of key challenges have been identified in the academic and scientific cooperation within the Mediterranean region, such as:

- strengthening mobility opportunities;

- working on supporting refugees, including students, adults, academic staff and researchers;

- reinforcing networking opportunities for universities with enterprises and socio-economic realities; rethinking new policy instruments at EU level;

- increasing social responsibility in the university system to face the new challenges of the region.

Building on last years’ experience, we hope the UNIMED WEEK 2020 will be a good opportunity to get even more people engaged in sharing and discussing different points of view on cooperation with the Mediterranean region.

We look forward to sharing with you another edition of the UNIMED WEEK and the UNIMED Staff is available for all the information you might need.



Here you will find the programme for the two weeks

The programme of the UNIMED WEEK is structured in a series of webinars starting from the 16th June to the 26th June 2020. Each meeting will last approximately two hours.



Registration link for the UNIMED WEEK is here. This link will give you access to all the webinars scheduled, if not indicated otherwise.

For the webinars listed below, please use these registration links:

- Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange webinar on June 16, 2020 11.00 am-12.30 pm registration link

- Webinar organised by FAO on June 18, 2020 14.30-16.00 pm registration link

- Webinar organised by OECD on June 19 2020 2.00-3.30 pm registration link

For more information, please contact us at unimed@uni-med.net